“The Other Great American Songbook” is an impressive recording and booklet that explores the deep-roots musical terrain that critic Greil Marcus dubbed The Old, Weird America. We’re talking murder ballads, hymns, eerie blues (his “Devil Got My Woman” is a knockout) and even a jaunty Civil War-era tune called “Jubilo,” sung from the point of view of a slave on the verge of emancipation. Lindamood knows the power of this raw material, so he strips things down to the basics and stays out of the way of the songs. His delivery is immediate, direct and powerful. Helluva an album."---Mark Hinson, Tallahassee Democrat

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My new record, Songs from the OTHER Great American Songbook  is a collaboration with Michael Koppy. Its format: a hardbound, fully illustrated 160 page book containing a music CD. The book is written by Koppy, Dan Simberloff and myself, and includes an essay on each of the 17 songs presented in the enclosed album.  

 These songs, which I have performed for this album, were gleaned from a repertoire of traditional music of the North American people that I have been amassing for a half-century. Some of them are folk songs in the purest sense, while others were part of the popular music of some past generation, but I believe they all have this in common: they are timeless, transcending all the caprices of musical fashion, and speak to us as clearly as they did to our antecedents. 

 I am equally convinced that this work, in written word and song, will provide a doorway to this rich, vibrant and still evolving source of our American music. 

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 As always, I am deeply grateful for your interest. 

 Frank Lindamood