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"Songs from the OTHER Great American Songbook is a real breath of fresh air and a current constant on my car CD player. Well worth the search." Big City Blues Magazine , ChicagoGary von Tersch, Feb/March 2016 - Click HERE for the full review

"Frank Lindamood is the real deal."...Tom T. Hall 

"Frank Lindamood is a life-long student of the likes of Leadbelly, Blind Lemon and Jimmy Rogers. His songs ring with voices and voicings from the past. He’s a bare-knuckled guitar player, a master of early 20th century banjo style, and a lucid but gritty bender of notes on his metal bodied resonator. His 2010 Gatorbone Records release, 'Hewed From The Rock,' is a solo masterpiece of original songs, whose no-overdubbing, no-pitch correcting, one-take production style salutes and honors the masters Lindamood has studied."  ...The Sopchoppy Examiner 

Dan Brown (FOLIO A & E Editor, Jacksonville FL) STARE HOUSE BLOG interview: FRANK LINDAMOOD: LOOK DOWN THE ROAD-

BIO: in his own words...

Frank Lindamood is having problems with the 21st century. Although he has ceased loudly proclaiming so-called smart phones the Antichrist, he continues to cross himself when forced by the machinations of Fate to start up a computer, despite the fact that he left Catholicism years ago to found his own church: Have a Drink for Jesus. 

His love for the Old American Music, not unsurprising given his fear and loathing of modern "culture", has gone on fifty years and has led him further and further back into music ever more raw and austere and powerful, more primitive and yet in some ways more complex. Back before industrial pop music and before the media was the message, long before Top Forty and TV music award shows and American idols. Back to plantations and riverboats, bawdy houses and mountain cabins, country clapboard churches and cattle ranch bunkhouses.  Through the songs he learned, he befriended field hands and gamblers, case-hardened hillbillies, preachers and good girls gone bad and lonesome cowboys. 

 When he discovered just a few years ago that it was time to write his own songs, most of them came out sounding so much like old time songs that he was accused of plagiarism, to which charge he replied that if he'd done something that bad he "wouldn't of left no witnesses."

His fascination with the Bible has inspired him to write about such uplifting subjects as death, destruction and human tragedy, and if this material doesn't put a smile on your face and a bounce in your step, he also has songs about love affairs ending badly. 

He has helped raise three sons, David, Huckleberry and Moses, by the Bad Example Method, and has three grandchildren, Canon, MaKenzie and Nicolette.They have all turned out very well and he is quite proud of them. 

He lives in a homemade cabin in the booger woods next to the Apalachicola National Forest with his dear friend Lee.  

He can be reached by telegraph at the Western Union Office nearest Sopchoppy, FL.---(and also at

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